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First payment - international

Step 1

Go to the order page, select the membership type (and duration) you want, and click on the corresponding button.

You are connected to a PlayChess page on the server of PayPal, similar to the following.

Don't try to fill in your credit card information. The fields on this page are for US citizens only. Instead, click on the link labelled "Outside the U.S.?" (see picture).

Step 2

Fill in the fields on the following page. For most countries, nearly all input fields are required - even if the address information cannot be confirmed by PayPal for international citizens.

Step 3

Enter your credit card information on the following page and click on "Add Credit Card".

PayPal verifies that your credit card is valid and that you really are the owner of the credit card. To prove this, PayPal transfers 1 USD from your credit card to your PayPal account.

Step 4

This step is for your security, too. PayPal sent an email to your email address after Step 2. Please check your email and click on the link contained in that email to prove the validity of your email address.

Enter your PayPal password (this need not be the same as your PlayChess password).

Step 5

You successfully created your PayPal account.

To purchase your PlayChess membership, it is easiest if you go back to the order page of PlayChess. Click on the button of your desired membership type again. Now, a simple payment dialog appears:

Fill in your PayPal password. Your email address is already there. Click on the Continue button. On the following confirmation page is a link that leads you back to your payments page at PlayChess.


Here you can see that your money has been transfered to PlayChess and that you are now a Standard or Premium member of PlayChess.

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