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Payments to PlayChess

PlayChess uses the services of jumps to a foreign Website. PlayChess is not responsible for these contents!PayPal for membership payments. PayPal is one of the leading companies in its field (more than 10 million customers). It enables consumers to securely, conveniently, and cost-effectively send and receive payments online.

Why PayPal?

Why doesn't PlayChess accept credit cards and cheques directly? Why don't we use other payment services? There are several reasons:

Security. PayPal offers a very secure service. It would be technically difficult to create something of comparible quality.

Trust. Using PayPal as a mediator between you and PlayChess has advantages for both of us: you need not fear that I abuse your credit card data (simply because I don't see these), and I need not fear any credit card fraud, because there is an insurance provided by PayPal.

Usefulness. Having a PayPal account is very useful, if you send or receive money to/from other countries. PayPal can be used for payments on many e-commerce sites (e.g. auctions on e-Bay or Yahoo). As a site owner, you may cost-effectively collect your fees from advertisements or partner programs. This is especially true for non-US citizens.

It's free. You do not have to pay anything for your personal PayPal account. The transaction costs for membership payments are paid by PlayChess alone.

It's fast. Its only a second from paying the membership fee at PayPal to getting your membership here at PlayChess. PayPal notifies PlayChess immediately of every payment, allowing us to grant membership status to you within a second.

No credit card?

If you do not have a credit card or do not want to use it for online payments, you should visit the page on alternative paying methods.

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