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Player Directory

Our player directory contains all players that are registered at PlayChess. You may search our player directory by several criteria.
Since the resulting list might be rather long, it is recommended to select a tournament class to get fewer results.

Easy Links

I give you some easy links for the most common excerpts from the player directory.

HCL Click on the entries in this row   All  ·   M   ·   E   ·   A   ·   B   ·   C 
ACL Click on the entries in this row   All  ·   M   ·   E   ·   A   ·   B   ·   C 
CCL Click on the entries in this row   All  ·   M   ·   E   ·   A   ·   B   ·   C 

These lists display only those players that finished at least one valid game. You may construct a more specific list using the dialog below.

Members can search the player directory by league, class, number of games and country of player. This is only one of many benefits for our paying members. The corresponding dialog is hidden now.

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