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Membership: feature list

Membership overview
Feature Click on the entries in this column Guest Standard Premium
Player homepage x x x
League tournaments x x x
Rating history 25 40+ 40+
Parallel games 10 40/80 80
Annotated games x x x
Tournament directory x x x
Player directory x x x
Chess articles x x x
Message boards x x x
Download games x x x
Holidays 7 14 21
Taken pieces shown - x x
Rankings - x x
Swiss tournaments - x x
Double rounded tournaments - x x
Thematic tournaments - x x
Private game notes - x x
Private games - x x
Win/Draw/Loss - x x
Opening tree - x x
Board orientation - x x
Players by country - x x
Directory preferences - x x
AnnoDir by author - x x
AnnoDir by player - x x
AnnoDir by opening - x x
Annotations of player - x x
Java game viewer - x x
Java annotation viewer - x x
No advertisement - x x
Price per year free 26 EUR 22 EUR
Payment method - all PayPal

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