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Standard membership

The Standard membership gives you full control over how long your membership will last. You become a member for a limited time period.

Membership term

You determine the duration of your membership yourself. The shortest possible membership term is 3 months.


You have access to the benefits of PlayChess membership. The number of parallel games is limited to 40 games. While in Premium mode (see below), your game limit is 80 games at the same time. Please note: the total number of games is unlimited, only the number of games played at the same time is restricted.


The pricing for membership is simple. You have to pay 2 Euros per month plus a handling charge of 2 Euros per money transfer. If you use PayPal the handling charge is reduced to 1 Euro.

End of membership

The membership ends automatically after the period you paid for is over. Then, you will be taken back to guest mode. You can prolong your membership at any time.

Premium mode

As long as the end of your membership term is more than 6 months ahead, you are treated as a Premium member. In particular, you may play up to 80 games at the same time. During this period, you have the same privileges as a Premium member - without paying by subscription.

Example. You pay for 15 months of Standard membership (32 Euros). Then you play in Premium mode (game limit 80) for the first 9 months; for the remaining 6 months you play in Standard mode (game limit 40). Any games you started while in Premium mode (even if you have more than 40 games) can be finished thereafter as normally. After 15 months you are taken back to Guest mode (game limit 10).


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